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0urlooselives submitted:  I used to be 65kg, right now I’m…

0urlooselives submitted: 

 I used to be 65kg, right now I’m 55kg and 163cm.
My weight goal is 50kg.

I was overweight starting at the age of 12-13 but only started to change at 14 when my classmates and relatives keeps reminding me how “fat” I was with every chance they get. 

My journal is full of all the negative things people used to say about my body and I still remember writing the entries in tears and pain.
I genuinely didn’t think I would have come this far, it might not look like a drastic change but to me it was quite a journey.

I started eating fruits and vegetables, decrease sugar intake, do Pop Pilates and drink green tea! Lots and lots of Green tea!
For me, the most important thing through this process is believing in myself! We are capable of anything if we believe in ourselves! 🙂

—- SEND in your own Before and After weight loss progress photos HERE.

0urlooselives submitted:  I used to be 65kg, right now I’m…
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