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2015-2017 I’ve struggled with my weight all my life and…

I’ve struggled with my weight all my life and round about when the first picture was taken I decided that something really needed to change. I was uncomfortable, unhappy in the way I looked and felt. I hated having my photo taken and would alway hide behind the camera. But then I got a job I loved. I made friends who built me up instead of put me down and I fell in love… with myself. I started eating healthier, I started exercising. Recently I join a gym. And I taught my self to think differently about the way I looked and who I was. I can’t tell you have much either weight as it’s something I have never done. But the difference is clear and not just physically.
The first picture is an uncomfortable girl who thought about ending it all.
The second picture is a girl who fell in love with being alive.

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