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5’ 11” Before: 200 lb/90.7 kg Currently:…

5’ 11”

Before: 200 lb/90.7 kg

Currently: 159 lb/72 kg

From May 2013 until today, Feb. 8th 2014, I’ve lost 41 lbs. Clean eating, running, HIIT, and loads of strength training! I only eat out and drink sodas as treats now…that’s what they should be! I used to drink juices and diet sodas, but I’ve cut those out and drink loads of water, coffee, and sometimes milk! The only artificial sweeteners I consume are those in my protein powder. I make most of my food from scratch. My biggest nutrition advice would be to cut out artificial crap, eat 80% clean, watch your added sugars, and watch your MACROS!!! And don’t restrict yourself from the things you love…it’s all about balance. I try to keep my diet 80% clean and leave the other 20% for whatever I want 🙂

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