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9999ma submitted:  Hi everyone My story of going from 222…

9999ma submitted: 

 Hi everyone
My story of going from 222 lbs(101kg) to 167 lbs(76kg) in about 7 months through an strict diet , deleting junk foods and fast walking 5-6 days of week (2 hours each day) and in 7th month doing some HIIT too.

Then I started my bodybuilding journey, and now I’m in my 7th month of it and not planning on stopping…

I’m 20 years old, 5’7(175cm) and currently weighting about 170lbs(77.5kg)

You may ask about whether or not I have loose skin and the answer is yes, but not sth that hangs or being gross , I have stretch marks too.

Because I lost weight in a steady pace and not too fast, I don’t have too much loose skin. Also keeping your body hydrated is extremely important.
I will be happy to know your opinions on my body 🙂

Good luck

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