A little background on me…


A little background on me…I have always been an athletic person. I swam competitively from 4th grade, all the way through high school & also ran track to keep in shape for swimming. I had the typical swimmer profile. I had the slender “V shaped” body at about 150-160lbs & could eat whatever I wanted because of the intense swimming practices & training & not gain a pound . After high school & a couple of college B.S. years later, I got a 2nd shift desk job, where I sat on my butt & ballooned up. My daily life was, wake up late, eat whatever unhealthy food was in the house or fast food, go to work around mid-day, eat junk while at work sitting on my butt, go out & have an unhealthy dinner somewhere & some drinks after work along with whatever beer munchies I might get, go home & go to bed to do it all over again the next day. The highest recorded weight my doc has is 280lbs. So I was pushing 300lbs easy. So I always wanted to box & just never had the resources or know where to go. My wife’s ex-boss was a retired professional boxer & he suggested I go down to Authentic Boxing Club. So I did, & my coach would even tell you when he saw me, he told his wife I wouldn’t last a week. Well, 7 years & 18 fights (14-4) later here I made a HUGE dent in the Midwest boxing scene & won the Mid-America Middleweight Title. I have fought in every weight class SINCE I made my pro debut in the heavyweight division weighing in at 220 with my clothes on & my opponent weighing in at 260. My last fight I weighed in at 153. Now decided to hang up the glove but, running 5k, 10k, going to be doing triathlons, & possibly cross fit to keep my competitive edge. – Markas Gonzales

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