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abbzzzz submitted: height: 5'8″ before:165 lbs. after:…

abbzzzz submitted:

height: 5’8″

before:165 lbs.

after: 135 lbs.

The photo on the left was taken about 10 months before the one on the right. however, i didn’t decide to change my life until a few months after the photo on the left was taken. i didn’t take a before photo and honestly this picture probably represents how big i was much better than a self-taken mirror pic.

My strategy starting out was to change the way i ate and change my relationship with food. i looked at food as the enemy. Now i look at food as a friend, as something that nourishes me and energizes me and fuels my life, because IT IS. Working out is also important. it doesn’t matter if you walk, run, cycle, lift weights, etc, just get that booty moving. The biggest part of losing weight is eating right. i have majorly struggled with binge eating for the past 8 years of my life. if i can do it, you can too. 🙂 

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