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addicted-to-oreos Height: 5’9Before: 236lbsNow: 185lbs  Weight…


Height: 5’9
Before: 236lbs
Now: 185lbs 

Weight Loss Tips

1-Don’t be in such a hurry to see results super fast. You’re just going to set yourself up for failure that way. Instead, set small, incremental goals.

2-Don’t try to take everything at once. You are just going to get overwhelmed. Start by making simple changes. Don’t go from having never worked out to doing weightlifting and running for 2 hours every single day or from eating 3,000 calories a day to eating 1,200. Maintaining that is unrealistic.

3-Take your time to enjoy your food. Eating is not a race. If you eat slowly you give your brain enough time to realise when your body has had enough. 

4-Keep yourself hydrated. Sometimes you’ll feel like you really need to eat even though you’re not hungry when you’re dehydrated….this gets me every time.

5-Brush your teeth after eating a meal. Especially, after dinner…perhaps it’s just me but I feel yucky when I eat something immediately after brushing my teeth so it kind of stops me from eating snacks when I’m not hungry. Plus, it keeps my teeth white and shiny 😉

6-Be smart about your workout and train according to your goals. For example, I’m now, a powerlifter. My workout is all about strength, few sets, few reps, not much cardio, and a lots and lots of rest…so obviously not the best type of training program to lose weight (nothing I can do about it). But if your specific goal is to lose weight then find a program that works for you. From everything I’ve tried so far I would say a mix of cardio and circuit training has worked the best for me. You work several muscles at once, your heart rate is up for most of the time, and your body has to burn a lot of calories because you’re hitting all the major muscles at once which you wouldn’t be if you were doing a more conventional routine(just in case you’re wondering why crossfitters are so ripped) 

7-Throw away all the junk food in your kitchen. If you have them there with you it is very easy to slip out of your diet but If you don’t have them in your house it is very unlikely that you’re going to get ready and drive to a store to get them.

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