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afriendnamedcass submitted:  I just want to take a moment and…

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 I just want to take a moment and tell everyone how much I’m proud of myself!!! In September 2014 I was at 190 pounds! It was getting out of hand! Eating out a lot. Going to the bar and not being on the right medication was packing on the pounds. 9 months later I can proudly say I am down a whopping 20 pounds!!! Being on a different medication which doesn’t make me sleepy, more energetic and not want to eat 24/7 has helped a lot!

 I now eat better and get out way more! In the beginning of June I accomplished something I never thought I could do… Walk 40km in 3 days!! But I did it and it’s the most amazing feeling in the world. I don’t have a weight loss “goal” I have a goal to be a better me. Eat healthy. Stay active and love myself for who I am! A big thank goes out to my amazingly supportive boyfriend with out him I would still be living my other diet. He has helped me find out more about myself and for that I love him so much!! Thanks babe! Thanks for loving me know matter how I look but supporting my amazing weight loss.

—- SEND in your own Before and After weight loss progress photos HERE.

afriendnamedcass submitted:  I just want to take a moment and…
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