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Age : 32 Height : 5’0″ HW : 180+ lbs (left) LW : 139 lbs…

Age : 32

Height : 5’0″

HW : 180+ lbs (left)

LW : 139 lbs (right)

CW : 155

Eating cleaner, counting calories with MyFitnessPal, P90 circuit & strength training, and lots of walking. It’s really difficult for petite women to lose weight! I spent hours researching nutrition, learning to cook different foods, learning how to use a heart rate monitor, and scrolling through tumblr for inspiration. Never thought I’d be posting. MyBodyGallery also really helped with being able to see what my eyes couldn’t. I didn’t have the emotional pain that a lot of people (even people in a healthy weight range) have. I wasn’t eating as an emotional response to a tragic event, I just happen to love to eat large portions of high calorie high fat food.  Eating is fun and I will always enjoy food. No one has ever tormented me about my weight. I can’t even recall a time when anyone mentioned it. It wasn’t something I would cry myself to sleep over. I didn’t even know I was overweight until seeing photos of myself. When I saw the photo of myself on the left, I thought WOAH, when did that happen? –time to do something about that. It wasn’t at all how I pictured myself in my head. 

It took about half a year to lose the weight. I was able to maintain for about 4 years, but then gained 16 lbs back this last year from laziness. I had stopped exercising completely and was sucking down fast food and soda nearly every meal plus ice cream almost every day. I stopped cooking at all. Now I’m ready to get back to it. This time I want to try for 130 lbs, which falls into the higher end of healthy BMI for my height and gender. I can’t fathom the 95 lbs at the lower end.

Hope to reach my goal and be able to post again. Thank you to everyone who has posted here. Your photos have been immensely encouraging and you shared so many resources that have helped me along the way.

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