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am-ithereyet  Feeling really down about seeing no or little…


Feeling really down about seeing no or little progress and just wanting to quit and sleep all day long. Also feeling jittery since college starts on June 9 and I feel that my weight/looks will just scare people off and make them not want to talk to me or something.

So I was fixing my photos and found a picture of me at my starting weight (170lbs) and I even remember thinking about being afraid of not changing and seeing no progress. But here I am, 9 months later! Even though there were times I gave up (and still do feel like not going to the gym/wanting to binge), I just feel glad I had the motivation to get up and keep moving forward. I still want to lose another 25lbs, just to reach my ugw and finally be in the healthy weight section. I don’t want to end up very prone to asthma and be diagnosed as diabetic, overweight or have heart problems later on in life.

It takes time, vegetables/fruits, and a lot of motivation. But in the end, it’s so worth it.

I’m 5”3 and my left photo I was 170lbs; now I’m 145lbs. 🙂

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