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andreas-health-journey:Friday, March 3rd, 2017 So what is going…


Friday, March 3rd, 2017
So what is going on in my life right now? I’ve lost around 41 lb (19 kilos) so far (in around 7 months). My journey started on August of 2016. It didn’t start with a diet or exercise, I was very addicted to marihuana back then, al psychological. I would smoke pot as soon as I woke up, before going to bed, when I was sad, happy, angry, depressed, for celebration, for socializing, etc. I felt tired all the time and the munchies were a struggle. I gained a lot of weight during that time. I tried quitting a lot of times and I failed miserably every time. Until I met my now boyfriend online. He’s from Canada but lives in Berkeley, CA. We started talking and one day he said he would come to visit me to Honduras. I had already been changing my perception of marihuana for months now, I just needed a push to stop smoking for good so him coming to see me was that push. I stopped on July 11th and with that I lost my appetite and around 4 or 5 kilos (9-11 lbs) in a month. He has never pressured me to do anything, I really feel accepted and not judged with him, he didn’t mind I smoked pot a lot or that I am fat, he accepts people as they are. Anyway, after we had two wonderful weeks together I kept my weight loss, I started to change my diet, avoiding sugar, fast food, and eating healthy veggies that I like (I won’t eat something that I don’t like no matter how healthy it is). I started doing a lazy keto diet. I’m not sure I’m getting into ketosis because I still eat whole wheat bread and I used to drink my coffee with a lot if sugar in the morning but I still kept losing weight. Now I’m working on adding exercise to my life style but I definitely need to change my perception about exercising. I started using birth control on February of this year because it turns out I have PCOS, this has not been a nice experience though, I do get some benefits but also bad side effects. Today I’m going to the doctor to see what we can do about it. Birth control has changed my weight, I gained 1.5 kilos but lost them and I feel like it’s making my weight loss slower. Anyway, that all for now. It’s a very long post 😛 hopefully is not annoying. Follow me if you want to keep updated, I left out a lot of stuff since the post was going to be too long and I already got a bit out of topic.

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