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My face is one of the first place where I lose fat and one of the last places where my body stores it. I’m around 100 kilos (220 lb) in two of the pictures, and on the one of the center left (the one with curly hair) I’m around 82 or 81 kilos (180-178lb), the one on the center right I’m probably around 83 or 82 kilos (183-180lb).
I’ve tried losing weight a million times with no luck until now. What changed? Mainly my expectations and my perception about health. Before I didn’t care (seriously, not a single shit given) about my health, all I cared was to lose weight and fast. The result was disastrous, a lot of binge eating, extreme diets overnight that I just couldn’t keep up with not even for a 7 days in a row. A lot of depression and anxiety towards food and my body. After I while I just stopped trying and smoked pot all day. For me it was not working out (I’m not against marihuana use, but I don’t use it because it was not working out for me).
Now I do healthier choices because I want to feel more energy throughout the day, I don’t want to feel hungry all day so I avoid sugar, refined sugar and simple carbohydrates. I accepted and actually prefer losing weight slowly. This one has been a huge one, I don’t expect and want to lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time because I don’t want to have a lot of loose skin, it’s usually water weight and it’s usually easy to gain back. So keeping that in mind if I haven’t lost any weight I don’t get discouraged and that’s how I’ve kept my diet. I also remind myself that I’m doing this for health, to feel better, to prevent diabetes, so my body functions well and not for a number on a scale.

My posts are always too long and I’m probably repeating myself a lot 😛 oops!

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