Left picture: 223 pounds Right picture:…

Left picture: 223 pounds

Right picture: 176-178 pounds

This picture is to myself even I ate a big meal on Thanksgiving that I didn’t turn back into what I used to be

I still ate rather healthily, but I just ate more than I should have at that beautiful dinner

In general though I have been slipping slightly, mainly because of end of the semester stress, but my slipping isn’t that I’m eating unhealthy, I think it’s more of me not eating enough to keep my metabolism going, so I needed this before and after to keep me going, and I would love some encouragement

My stretch marks disappeared and that’s a huge accomplishment for me! I’m so happy my skin is starting to smooth out and hopefully in a few months I’ll be happy enough with my body that I can wear my first bikini!

Guys! Again, people who want to start, you should start right away! People are who are progressing to who they want to be, KEEP GOING. Those who are happy with who you are, I’m so happy for you!

Thank you again for this amazing blog and the support.
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