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avocad-ho: I’m constantly making and looking at my own before…


I’m constantly making and looking at my own before and after photos because…DAMN. This is the one thing that I can always look back on and say “You did good, kid…”.

I started at 312 pounds, I never worked out, I ate SHIT all day everyday. I am a perfect example of the fact that people can change and that life can get better. Besides all the physical stuff, I am happier than I ever have been in my entire life. I have so much more confidence and have really grown into my own. By changing my body I learned to love it (something I should have learned to do with or without weight loss).

So sorry if you guys get tired of my before and after photos but I’m just really proud of myself and I love them. Plus, I have gotten a lot of requests for help from others each time I post one and nothing makes me happier than to help someone feel better about themselves! 🙂

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