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badgirlboxing:I’ve been waiting a long time to post these…


I’ve been waiting a long time to post these pictures.


I started out at 180lbs and would flux up and down from 190lbs to 180lbs to 170lbs to 180lbs back to 190lbs. I would never get past 170lbs. 

Jean size 14 2010-2014 

Jean size 6 2015

By the beginning of 2014 I was almost breaking 200lbs and I was ashamed of myself. I’ve always been the bigger girl I was never really skinny at one point. I would find ways to hide how my body really looked and never wore tight clothing. I would stay away from getting my picture taken randomly cause I didn’t want to believe that I really looked that way. Being body positive is difficult especially in a family where your mother, brother and sister are all twigs. 

Last year I was coming to terms with my body and almost giving up because no matter what I did I would contstantly eat and drink and could not stop myself. I would try to run 3 miles but reward myself with a bottle of liquor. I dispised the way I looked and couldn’t walk out of the house without changing my outfit 6 or 7 times in fear someone would think I looked fat. 

Since boxing 8 months ago I have become 143lbs and I am fighting at the Chicago Golden Gloves Championship Finals on Friday as a welterweight at 147lbs. I have trained extremely hard for the past 224 days. ( I counted ) Yesterday I ran beat up drills with my coach and I wasn’t out of breath. When I started fighting at 160 I was out of breath and wanted to stop every 5 minutes. Yesterday I pushed past the burn, I work when I’m tired and it makes me stronger. I ran my first mile yesterday in 7 minutes and 42 seconds. In high school I was only able to get at least a 12 minute mile and in 2014 when I would try to just run once a day my best time was 10 minutes. I now weigh less then my sister and brother and have gone from a size 14 jeans to a size 6. 

I still have a tummy that hangs out, but my hip bones pop out like crazy, my back has a little bit of extra to it, my face is smalled and my arms and legs have so much muscle, but I’m not giving up. I love myself now and I know I can do aboslutely anything. This is what I’ve dreamed of, this is what I’ve wanted since I was in elementary school. 

It’s easy to be negative and to take shortcuts but it gets you nowhere. 

Being positive is hard but the results are so worth it.

badgirlboxing:I’ve been waiting a long time to post these…
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