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bblawyer-gets-fit: Reflecting on progress – I need to look at…


Reflecting on progress – I need to look at photos like this when I get down about an off-day or an off-week. Over 70 pounds lost in under a year is a great accomplishment.

I started counting macros on Feb 13, 2016. In March of 2016 I started  PIIT28 (https://www.piit28.com/a/787/WByNo2Qf) which changed my body, but more importantly, it began to change my mind and the way I approached exercise. After losing a ton of the weight with PIIT, I turned to heavier lifting and have recently started running. The picture on the right was end of Oct. I am roughly the same weight now but have more muscle. Probably time for an updated picture…

Note to anyone reading this – you just have to start. Small efforts over a long span of time can bring incredible change. I have been off track so many times over the last year, but the difference is that this time I make sure I get back on. 


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