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becsbodytransformation Hey my name is Bec, from Brisbane,…


Hey my name is Bec, from Brisbane, Australia. These 2 photos are 5 months apart with a total weight loss of 5.5kgs/11lbs from December 2014 (58kgs/127lbs) and April 2015 (52.5kgs/115lbs) 
(My height is 165cm/5’4)
After gaining some weight over the Christmas holidays I realized that I had stopped exercising regularly, making me feel lethargic all the time, as well as consuming an unhealthy diet consisting of foods high in refined sugar and fat. So I made the decision to change, and started following a healthier lifestyle. I started back at the gym and went at least 4 times a week doing cardio (running/walking/rowing) as well as weight training. 
I also started eating healthier, and used the app MyFitnessPal which helped me track calories (at least 1200 everyday) and proper macro nutrients (ratio of protein, carbs and fat in my diet) 
I made sure I was always well hydrated (at least 3L of water per day)
Also getting enough sleep every night (8 hours+)
Those would be the main things I would say contributed to my weight loss. As well as a better mind set from getting out of the house more into nature. I hope this helped anyone looking for some tips or motivation! I know I’m still on this journey, and I’m now focused on becoming stronger by doing more weight training. 
Feel free to ask questions, I’d be glad to help! 


Hey my name is Bec, from Brisbane,…
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