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beezinthetrapezius  submitted:Height: 5’7″Current…

beezinthetrapezius  submitted:

Height: 5’7″
Current measurements: 34-30-40
Before: 169 lb
After: 145 lb

It took me two years to lose the weight—I had a lot of setbacks. However, gradual change is more sustainable in the long run!

At first, I went for jogs and set goals to eat a a couple of servings of fruits or non-starchy veggies with each meal. Then I started constricting calories slightly and made more healthy substitutions (like swapping out mayonnaise for cottage cheese in tuna salad sandwiches). I moved to a new city and stopped buying junkfood while grocery shopping. Then I joined a swim club and cut way back on my liquor consumption.

Now I eat unprocessed foods 80% of the time and slack off 20% of the time. Dates help satisfy my sugar cravings and my nutribullet is bae.

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