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 Before weight: 360 After weight: 185 Height: 5'10" I lost…

 Before weight: 360

After weight: 185

Height: 5’10”

I lost the weight through a strict diet and lots of exercise. 2 years ago I was a very unhealthy, obese, and depressed person. To everyone else I seemed like the funny fat guy, but inside I’ve always been sad. I was a smoker that weighed 360 pounds and has family history of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other things. 

But it wasn’t until I wasn’t able to ride a roller coaster because of my size that I realized just how big I was. The first thing I did when I got home is I threw out every cigarette I owned and began eating healthy, I knew it was time for change. In less than a year I had gone down from 360 pounds to 180 pounds and along the way I gained more confidence than I’ve ever had, and am no longer depressed. 

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 Before weight: 360
After weight: 185
Height: 5'10"
I lost…
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