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billiejoeobsesser:This has been LONG overdo for me to put this…


This has been LONG overdo for me to put this together and a lot of courage to post this. I have always struggled with my weight since I was young. I remember at the age of four comparing myself to other girls and I had such strong, self hate towards myself. I let that take control of me most of my life. I wasn’t able to take care of myself because I was the one who had to take care of my mother when my father was working. It took a toll out of me seeing my mom damage her body to where she wasn’t able to function days on end with her battle of drugs and trying to help her the best way I could. In 2006, was when my mom got diagnosed with kidney cancer and passed in 2008. The picture on the left was taken in 2009 when I was the highest I have been at 215lbs. I realized at that point I had to make a change to a healthier lifestyle. I started to watch what I was putting into my body as fuel and cut my portion sizes. I never enjoyed working out either back then, until I found @blogilates back in 2013 and with Casey’s video, she has made working out and living a healthier lifestyle worthwhile! The picture on the right was taken back a few months in November 2016 losing up to 55lbs. For being international womens day, I give myself a huge shootout today for still training insane obtaining to live and love healthiest lifestyle I can. 😊💖💪#internationalwomensday #traininsane #beforeandafter #loveyourself

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