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bxtchpeas: I started this blog after my wellness journey began,…


I started this blog after my wellness journey began, so my followers (all 30 some of you) may not have been aware of the progress I’ve made. Regardless of that, I just wanted to take a minute to pat myself on the back for my small amount of weight loss over the past month and a half. The first picture was taken on January 10, when I decided I wanted/ needed to get back in shape. The second picture was taken this morning. I am fully relaxed in both pictures. There was about a week long period of time in between these pictures where I totally fell off the wagon. I was binging everyday, and I was not even eating vegan (I was still vegetarian though so it could’ve been worse). My progress would probably be greater if not for that, but oh well. Life happens. Enjoy this little transformation post. Hopefully in a couple weeks I’ll have another for y’all. 🙂

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