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charitycase-fyi: This is literally only a 10 pound…


This is literally only a 10 pound difference….. Ummmmmmm how even!! Lol
I don’t see the difference looking in the mirror.
I feel it in my pants, but wow.

This is just running with some insanity, and I eat whatever I feel like. If I want a giant steak I’m eat the fuck out of it. I do eat a lot of strawberries and banana …and peaches because they’re super cheap and taste good frozen.
I just balance out what I eat.
LOT OF WATER. I have a water bottle that is my baby. Only thing I’ll drink gallons of water from.
But hey I’m kinda pumped.

My tip: don’t you deprive yourself of being a little naughty just because you wanna be thin life is short.
You’ll get there.
Might take longer than others.
Might have bad days.
But I personality have faith if you wanna achieve it you will!

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