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I was looking through some old pictures on my phone and found the one on the left. I took it in the dressing room of Express when buying new jeans this past winter. All of my old jeans were WAY too small and at the time, I was so depressed that I couldn’t wear any of my favorite clothes any more. I  had just finally “given up” and gone out to start buying a whole new wardrobe in bigger sizes. Basically, I thought I was going to be “fat” and out of shape forever.

So. Flash forward to today. I AM STILL WEARING ALL THE SAME BIGGER SIZES [even the same bras]. I still cannot wear my old clothes. I have only lost about 5 pounds (about 1 per month). However my body looks and feels so much different. I still can’t button into my old jeans, my bootie is much bigger and here to stay, but I am feeling great! I can run 3 miles, I can squat more than ever, and I feel stronger than before.

I have proven to myself that as long as I eat well, focus on being fit, and lead a healthy life, the size on the tag doesn’t mean a thing! (AND I got to buy a bunch of cute new clothes that actually fit).

Love you all!

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