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cookiemonsterfitness submitted: 5’4” In the first picture, I’m…

cookiemonsterfitness submitted:


In the first picture, I’m 153.6lbs. In the second, I’m 141.6 (a 12lb loss).

The first picture is from 5/28/14, and the second is from 9/12/14, so it took me about 3 1/2 months to get that far.

I’d been steadily gaining weight for about 3 years from antidepressant side effects and comfort eating, and I had finally had enough. I don’t have a very special strategy, I’ve just been focusing more on eating healthy foods and only eating when I am hungry. Motivation is a daily struggle for me, so I haven’t been as good about exercise as I should be. When I do work out, I like yoga and Jillian Michaels videos.

I wanted to share these pictures to show what a difference 12lbs can make and that slow progress is still progress. Hopefully I’ll be submitting more progress shots as my journey continues.

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