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dasl0w  145 to 110. 5’1. October 2013 —-> November 2014 With…


145 to 110. 5’1.

October 2013 —-> November 2014

With the help of a dietician and therapist I was able to stop binge eating. Ironically though, I still eat just as much and often! Now it’s more nutrient dense healthy foods. Before I was trying to eat 1200 calories a day thinking that would help me lose weight but I would be so hungry by the end of the day and end up binging. Binging became my go to escape to deal with my emotions. Now I’m eating double that and the weight slowly just shed off. When you are regularly feeding your body healthy food, it trusts you enough to know that there’s no need to hold onto it as fat since another meal is right around the corner. A super low calorie won’t make you skinny, it’ll just make your body hold onto the extra weight thinking it will need it. I highly reccomend seeking outside help if you need it! 

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