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didsomeonesaycarbs submitted:  The largest size I was 246…

didsomeonesaycarbs submitted: 

 The largest size I was 246 (when I gave birth), the before picture is me a week postpartum at 236lbs. Pre-pregnancy I was 226lbs at my highest. I’m now 184lbs 5’3″ (technically 5’2.75 but who’s counting amirigh 😉) I’d love to share more details but it’s pretty lengthy. To lose the rest of my desired weight I think I’ll document it on my tumblr @iguanafiona because ya know accountability. It’s funny because I did this weight loss mostly in secret. At least social media and extended friends and family type secret. I didn’t post when I was going to the gym or what I was eating because as you’ll see from my past tumblr blog posts, I start over A LOT. But today’s a new day and I’d LOVE some company on this journey. Bare with me while I tidy my page lol and ask all the questions you want!

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