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e-mcgeezy submitted: Hey guys, so Im 5’7 , Im a girl, and…

e-mcgeezy submitted:

Hey guys, so Im 5’7 , Im a girl, and I live on Long Island. In the picture on the left I weighed 202lbs, on the right I weigh 189lbs so in total I lost 13lbs, this transition only took me 3 weeks! I joined a crossfit gym, which is basically doing a certain amount of workouts in a limited amount of time, and lifting weights. I also cut all crap foods out of my diet, and had one cheat day where I had the one food I was craving. I went to these crossfit classes 3 or 4 times a week.  I usually didn’t eat breakfast because I was never hungry, but I learned eating breakfast speeds up your metabolism and helped me lose faster. I also drank AT LEAST 8 bottles of water every single day. Both of these methods sped up the rate of loosing. Always push yourself and remember your body is capable of almost anything, its your mind that needs convincing 🙂 Good luck everybody

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