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elak-ammar Starting weight: 244 lbs. (111kg)Current weight: 198…


Starting weight: 244 lbs. (111kg)
Current weight: 198 lbs. (90kg)
Goal weight: 165 lbs – 176 lbs. (75-80kg)
Height: 1.62m (5’2ft)

*Sorry if I don’t have the same position on the picture but my camera for some reason didn’t want to focus so I had to lift my arms a little bit until it finally focused 🙁 *

Since I was a kid I’ve had overweight, I’ve tried so many things to lose weight but I always gave up like two weeks after starting, so this year on January 2nd, I decided to focus, I got an eating plan, I consume about 1250 – 1300 calories per day, I also workout, not everyday as I have a problem on my arm and shoulder so I can’t really do too much, but I do cardio three times a week for about one and a half hour, drinking lots of water always help, I also play basketball when I have the chance and if my arm doesn’t hurt, but somehow I always try to stay active.
I’ve been losing weight slowly, but that’s good, I lose around 5 pounds each two weeks. Of course the first days and weeks it was really difficult to me, first because now I eat five times a day and I have to wait about three hours in between each meal, so I have to respect that time, but once I saw changes on my clothes, on my body whithin the first week, it was just a really awesome feeling I couldn’t believe it, so I kept going, and I keep going, what motivates me the most it’s that I’ve been inspiring people to start losing weight in a healthy way, ‘cause it’s not about starving yourself or taking pills that only end up making you sick, it’s not even being on a diet, you only have to learn what to eat, know and respect the proportions, and once you learn that it becomes so easy, and you get used to it so it’s not difficult anymore, of course there are gonna be days when you feel like giving up, but just please don’t give up, find motivation, I always have a playlist with songs that motivate me, I always look for quotes to keep me going, and if that doesn’t help me I just go and hug my dog and that’s enough for me. Believe in yourself, you can do and achieve anything you want, just have faith on you. I always tell myself that I’m strong, that I’m brave, that I can do it, and I repeat it until I believe it. 🙂

And about the pictures, well, the t-shirt I have on the first picture now it’s quite big for me and it doesn’t really show how far I’ve come so that’s why I’m wearing another one that is kind of the same looking, and the shorts are the same. I’m still on my way, I have more weight to lose but there’s no hurry, so I’ll just keep going.
aaaaand, I just want to say that I really love this blog, you know, watching the pictures that everyone posts really motivates me, reading all your histories, it’s just awesome to know that I’m not alone, and feel free to ask me anything, I always try to help people 😀

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