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emaebe 5’ 3.5" Before: August 2014 170 lbs 31+% body…


5’ 3.5″
Before: August 2014 170 lbs 31+% body fat, 30 BMI

During: today April 30 150.3 lbs 24.1% body fat, 27 BMI

Thought it was time to make one of these. As motivation. To remind myself how far I’ve come.

Motive weight
I started working out in August of last year, and took an extended break from October to December. When I started I was 170lbs. While I was happy, I also knew that I was hitting the highest I ever weighed and I didn’t fit into my wedding dress. While I’ve always been athletic, I wasn’t active anymore and I could tell my metabolism was slowing down (and I wasn’t in grad school working 3 jobs one of which was dog walking! Lol).

I lost about 12lbs from August to the beginning of October. I got discouraged because the dress still didn’t fit. So I bought a new dress and continued life as usual cutting out the gym. From October to the end of December, I gained back all but 5lbs. My clothes became tight again and I was frustrated with myself for letting the weight creep back on. After I got back from a Christmas trip, I decided it was time to start back again.

Since January, I’ve been working out consistently 4-5 days/week (most weeks). I have done PT to set up new programs every 6-8 weeks. I can do decline push-ups! I can use 25lb Dumbbells in each hand to do chest presses. I feel strong. And I look amazing!

I signed up for a half marathon (for oct 3) to run the week before my wedding with one of my bridesmaids. I’m so excited because when I signed up they asked what I wanted announced as I crossed the finish line, and I asked that they say “first marathon and getting married next week!” In June, my PT is putting me on a program to start training full speed ahead.

The past two weeks I’ve been pretty demotivated and stressed. I ran 6miles on Monday and then didn’t go to the gym for two days! Which is (now) very unlike me. I needed to remind myself of how far I’ve come.

What’s worked for me:
Not beating myself up when I slip up food wise.

Meal planning
Personal training!
Accountability and friendship-my gym is my family now. I’ve made several friends here (including the owners!).

Rewriting my goals almost every week and having them visible

Ps: I hate selfies.


5’ 3.5"
Before: August 2014 170 lbs 31+% body…
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