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Email SubmissionBefore and during. 😊😊 Height: 5'4 Before weight:…

Email Submission

Before and during. 😊😊

Height: 5’4

Before weight: 172 lbs

During: I don’t really know yet

I’m super duper nervous to post this one but I wanted to share my journey and inspire people. So here’s my story:

Okay so I started my journey last April 29, 2015. My dad came home from overseas and he saw how big my sister and I got. He wanted us to shed off the pounds we have gained. We were about to emroll to the gym the next day when my dad’s friend invited us to try out herbalife since he was a member. He shed off 10 pounds in just 10 days! I didn’t believe it at first but when I tried it, I felt a huge difference in my body. The scale might say I lost 5 pounds, but I felt A LOT lighter and energetic. I barely exercised during those 10 days. I was in great shock when I figured out I only lost 5 lbs because the mirror doesn’t say so.

It has been 6 weeks now, and after the 10 days of herbalife, I fell into a pit and ate everything I wanted. So I gained eveything back. And I’m trying to work on it now. It has been 5 days since I started from scratch again without the help of herbalife. (but I will go on with herbalife soon) and the picture above is the result! I haven’t been exercising lately because I always stay up late and wake up in the afternoon. 

As of yesterday, I decided to become vegan because of the video I have watched in youtube. Go search it: 101 reasons to be vegan. I really love animals that’s why I decided to become a vegan and I believe that piggs, chicken, and cows deserve to be treated equally with any other animals.

For anyone looking for motivation:

What are you waiting for? If you really want to lose weight, start now. No more excuses! 🙂 if I could do it, If your friend could do it, if people here can do it, guess what? So can you!

P.S., unfortunately I don’t have a tumblr 🙁 so If you want to reach out to me to ask questions and tips, I would love to answer them all on my twitter acct. 🙂 username is @czarlieber

Email SubmissionBefore and during. 😊😊
Height: 5'4
Before weight:…
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