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Email SubmissionBefore (two years ago – I think I was down…

Email Submission

Before (two years ago – I think I was down around 10lbs at the time this pic was taken), and now – the first time I wore shorts for one of my runs (about a month ago). I can call myself a half marathoner now, and have another one later this year. I run regularly, do Zumba, weight train, and recently started taking a boxing class. I lost almost 1/3 of my body weight, but more importantly, I’m fit and strong. I eat carbs, I eat ice cream, and refuse to restrict myself – but I’m a hell of a lot more active now, and have really learned to love and be proud of the things my body can achieve. The weight is really secondary (at best) – I much prefer being strong and tough-ass 🙂

My fitness instagram: https://instagram.com/razontherun/

Email SubmissionBefore (two years ago – I think I was down…
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