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Email SubmissionHeight: 5"8 Before: 255lbs During: 144lbs…

Email Submission

Height: 5″8
Before: 255lbs
During: 144lbs
Gw: 140lbs & Toned
Shirt: Small
Pants: us 8

…..Okay! So it took me only 11 months to achieve the body I am in right now. It wasn’t easy, I had my failures my cheats and my ups & downs, but I still pushed through it. Btw I’m only 14 in junior high if I can do it so can you. I ate healthy clean foods and indulged a little when I couldn’t take it anymore. I worked out extremely hard with Jillian Micheals and Just Dance and Zumba so basically you just need to stay active. What motivated me was seeing all my friends happy skinny with their other friends and I was the odd one out I couldn’t fit all the clothes I wanted or participate in some things because I was always too big but I overcame that.

Email SubmissionHeight: 5"8
Before: 255lbs
During: 144lbs…
Tags: Weight loss, Fat loss, Before and after photos.

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