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Email SubmissionHey everyone, I just wanted to share my current…

Email Submission

Hey everyone, I just wanted to share my current weight loss and encourage you. Like every Frenchie, I just love food, but especially unhealthy food… Five weeks ago, I took a look in my mirror and said to myself: “Oh my, I really need to do something”. I am 161 cm and on 28th Februar, I was 143 lbs.

So I started to stop snacking and eat healthier. What I mean is that I am not properly on a diet, but for example, instead of eating cookies after dinner, I eat an apple, I eat more vegetables and I don’t serve up again anymore. And once a week, I eat everything I want without thinking about the consequences. It’s important I think not to feel restriction.

The second step was to do some sport, which I hadn’t done since 6 months. You can see that I am not really sporty… And I have a treadmill that I never used (shame on me). I began to run, but only for 20 minutes during the 3 first weeks (I also smoke). Now, it’s been 5 weeks like I already said it, but I can run for 40 minutes. I am not out of breath anymore, and I really feel better during my sport sessions. Don’t forget to drink water, at least 1L each time. I run between 5 and 6 days a week. I also do some ab and muscle-building exercises.

Now, I can see a little difference. I used to be nearly a 40 size, and now I feel better in my 38 size. I still look flabby, but in my opinion it’s getting better. And my current weight is 136. Still a long way to go, but never give up ! Be patient, don’t starve and do some sport :).

Email SubmissionHey everyone, I just wanted to share my current…
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