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Email SubmissionI know the photo on the left is poor quality,…

Email Submission

I know the photo on the left is poor quality, but it was cropped from a group photo. A photo taken 1 year ago, today. The photo that made me really look at myself and realize that I needed to change. I was great at avoiding mirrors, and was in total denial about my health. I was the typical busy mom, putting everyone before myself until it snuck up on me, and hit me like a ton of bricks. This photo was my ton of bricks.

My dad is morbidly obese and has suffered many, many health problems related to it. When I looked at this photo, compared to the older, healthier photos I kept around,  I noticed three things, my eyes were less visible, my smile seemed smaller, my collar bones were gone.( I just always used to like that part of my body)I didn’t even look like myself, and I realized that I was starting to look like my dad. This was last 4th of July. I started and stopped several times until January, when a routine finally clicked. I was set back in April due to injury, I was on a very limited list of what I could do, but I still did it, and managed to maintain, and even have some weight loss. I just got my release to start exercising again last month. I was building up my strength. 

But due to pelvic prolapse not responding to physical therapy, I have a hysterectomy and vaginal wall repair in two days. No exercise for 6 weeks. I’m terrified of the setback. I’m so worried I’ll fall back into old habits and excuses, I’m worried about 6 weeks off. Due to a history of endometriosis they won’t know until surgery if I will get to keep my ovaries. So I’m also worried about potential hormonal changes. 

Yesterday at my pre-op appointment my weight was finally in the normal weight range for my BMI.That was my number 1 goal. So, I’m happy to have hit that. Technically, that is for someone with a large frame though, and the wrist test puts me at small frame. My current goal is to maintain as best as I can until I’m once again cleared for exercise. My final goal is to be comfortably in the range of a healthy BMI for my frame.  

age 33

Height 5’10”

Sw 223

Cw 172

Thanks for reading! 

P.S. look at my eyes,smile,and collar bones now!

Any other hysterectomy members please feel free to link me to your journey.

Email SubmissionI know the photo on the left is poor quality,…
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