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Email Submission I see this and I feel both horribly sad and…

Email Submission

I see this and I feel both horribly sad and tremendously happy. I can remember how sad and disgusted I always was. I covered mirrors in my room, never wanted to go to dances because I didn’t have a date and didn’t fit into dresses, and I cried all of the time. I remember the turning point when a boy asked me out as a joke and a bunch of people were there laughing, the feeling that I had at that very moment was the most gut wrenching pain that I have ever known, I was so embarrassed.  

But nearly 10 years have passed since that picture. I have had several up’s and down’s both in life, mentally, and on the scale as well. All I have kept in the back of my head this whole time is “I don’t want to go back there,  I CANT go back there.” In the first picture I was 230lbs,  in the second shows current weight of apprx 175lbs. 

I found this site on a whim because I have been on a serious kick of wanting to FINALLY lose these last 35lbs so I can start saying that I am where I want to be instead of “well at least I’m not back there again.” This site has been more inspirational than I could ever imagine and I thank you all so much for that. I am working on the last 35 and to wear a bikini at the beach for the first time in my life…I’m nearly 30. I just wanted to put this up to pay it forward, hopefully inspire someone. Especially any young girls that get made fun of and feel negative about themselves. Being called “the fat ugly girl” is beyond difficult to hear and hurts so much, but screw those jerks. You take it upon yourself to do WHATEVER you need to do daily to be able to look in that mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful, because you are sweetie. And trust me, I know better than anyone how hard it is to believe those words, so you say them to yourself. Stay strong doll, it will get better. 

From 230 …. hopefully to 140 this summer. 

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