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Email SubmissionSo let’s talk about this: A few months back I…

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So let’s talk about this: A few months back I had my very first motiveweight posting of just a face comparison after losing 80 lbs. While I felt better internally and was really looking better clothed I still felt like I hadn’t accomplished what I was aspiring to accomplish yet. Why? Here’s the cold hard fact. Depending on the rapidity of your weightloss your skin may not be able to keep up. And depending on how heavy you were before there may be a lot of stretched skin to account for.

Unfortunately this was the case for me. You see the first picture was me in my junior year of high school; I weighed 225 pounds. I managed to tack on a few more afterwards leading to my heaviest of 238 pounds. The middle is NOT me prior to losing weight, believe it or not it is me and my skin AFTER an 80 lb weight loss journey. You can imagine this was not how I was expecting it to turn out. I began to receive skin rashes and infections from the loose skin and was mortified. I had worked hard to be able to show off my new body, but instead I was ashamed of it. But you know when life hands you a situation you seek a solution, which is what I did.

The middle photo was the morning I underwent a full lower body lift surgical procedure. This included the removal of all my loose skin on my tummy, back, butt, and inner thighs, the recreation of new skin, and a brand new belly button. They removed LOTS! Which is what you see on the right, me today! When I went in for surgery I weighed 162 pounds and the photo on the right I weighed in at 153 pounds. Pure craziness!

There is still a lot of swelling but I’m incredibly happy with my results. I haven’t worn a 2 piece since I was in the 5th grade! However, my journey is still not over and I have more goals to make, only this time it involves the burning off the rest of my tummy fat and the creation and toning process of lean muscle to replace it.

The reason for my post is to show the variation of results in weight loss and the possible solutions one may have to take afterwards if they still aren’t happy. Everyone’s journeys is different but what’s nice about this site is that here those differences can be support and enlightenment for one another. I do not feel I’ve cheated myself out because I underwent cosmetic surgery, I feel I’ve enhanced my will to fight harder because now my skin that was once a barrier to my final goal is gone, now I can fight even harder.

If you are considering pursuing the same procedure I went, or just want to know more I encourage the questions and would be happy to help any way I can. After all that’s what we are all here for, support. Here’s to a new chapter in my life!

XOXO. -Lizzie

Email SubmissionSo let’s talk about this: A few months back I…
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