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Email SubmissionThese photos are one year apart. Though, I…

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These photos are one year apart. Though, I didn’t get serious until about 5 months ago.I’m currently on severe excercise restrictions while I do physical therapy for an injury for the next eight weeks. It’s very hard to get into healthy routine, and have to stop! So these photos are keeping me from totally giving up.

I’ve been doing a combo of Pilates and body resistance, with elliptical three times a week. As well as really paying attention to portion control and really paying attention to eating for emotional reasons. 

I was always a very thin person, naturally, until I had to have half of my thyroid removed 5 years ago. My levels were still in normal range, but I gained 60 pounds after it was removed. I also had two babies close in age during that time frame. Being a busy mom, owning my own business with a 45 Minute commute, and my husband having a demanding job made it really easy to make excuses. It was also easy for me to convince myself that if it had to do with my thyroid, I had no control so it was pointless. but I was tired of feeling uncomfortable in everything I wore. when my dad started having health problems related to his weight, I started getting a little more serious.

I hope I can make it through these next 8 weeks at least maintaining.

height 5’9″

Hw 223

Cw 187

Gw 160 ( I’ve been here before, and I really like my shape at this weight.)

Email SubmissionThese photos are one year apart. Though, I…
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