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everythingisaokblog:My tip for today is meal Planning and…


My tip for today is meal Planning and preparing 👌 have an idea of what you are going to have each day of the week. 😏💭This will keep you on track and prevent you from reaching for ‘easier options’. 🍫🍟🙅 I usually bring a portion of whatever I had for dinner the night before for my lunch at work, it’s cheaper and handier 😉 This time last year I never thought I would be fitting in a size 10, I was a size 16 then and I found it impossible to wear skinny jeans. They were the bane of my life, a complete no no, jeggings all the way! 😂 Things have changed now I wear whatever I want comfortably and happily 😃♥️ so just keep going, everyone has bad days or weeks. The important thing is to keep going and stick to the plan 🙌 You’ll thank yourself in the long run ☺️👌 ‘Failing to prepare is preparing to fail’ #slimmingworld #weightloss #motivation #healthy #diet

everythingisaokblog:My tip for today is meal Planning and…
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