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faithhealthlife submitted:  Hey guys! Sorry for the potato…

faithhealthlife submitted: 

 Hey guys! Sorry for the potato quality. Just thought I would pop a progress picture for you. Now that the seasons are changing and I’m putting away the winter clothes, I’m excited to see what Spring has in store for me! I know there are a few dresses I can’t wait to fit into!! ^.^

Before: 165lbs (Size 14)

Now: 145lbs (Size 8)

This was accomplished through clean eating and a mix of cardio + lifting heavy things 3-4x a week. I’m not extremely active, but I try my best to avoid sedentary days. Sometimes it gets hard to continue being consistent and disciplined for months. But pictures like these really reflect that the work I put in pays off after 2-3 months. Without it, I would still look like the girl on left. Don’t let the smile fool you, I was miserable. But now I find joy in the little things…like finding the perfect little black dress and good eyebrow days lol ^_~

Have a lovely weekend everyone!!

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faithhealthlife submitted:  Hey guys! Sorry for the potato…
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