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fattyfoodies: This was the first before picture I took! I think…


This was the first before picture I took! I think the photo’s either from late October or November. The picture on the right is from today (March). I have to remember I’ve come a long way in my getting healthy journey. I still enjoy food (too much hah) and will treat myself every now and then. I had STEAK N SHAKE this Saturday because I was emotional/having a bad day/needed it. That’s okay. I don’t do it alllll the time though. I still need to work on getting my stomach stronger and more toned. My legs look a thousand times better though!

I was probably working out harder a month or two ago 5-6 times a week but now I go 4 times a week and if I don’t go one day I know tomorrow’s a new day. Today I don’t have time for a run since I need to work on a freelance project before work. Tomorrow I will though.

My results are not just from myself but Katie and Geni. My fellow Fattyfoodies. This tumblr has helped me be accountable and be body positive.

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