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findyoufit Height: 5ft 2.5’ Weight: Somewhere around…


Height: 5ft 2.5’

Weight: Somewhere around 120lbs 

I struggled with my weight for the vast majority of my teenage life before deciding that I wanted better for myself. My journey evolved from being centered around having a flat stomach and smaller legs, to really being about my physical fitness, health, happiness and strengths. I’ve come to find out that it’s impossible to feel anything but great about a body that you’re working to take great/better care of…And I want to be able to help others take care of theirs. It’s the only one you’ve got. 

After discovering my passion for fitness, I took the necessary steps and became an Internationally Certified Personal Trainer, for the sole purpose of being able to effectively and knowledgeably help others overcome an unhealthy lifestyle (or simply lead a healthier one) and/or achieve what they want for their body aesthetically.

I would love it if anyone who is interested in losing weight/gaining weight/leading a healthier lifestyle checked out my blog and my new website findyoufit.com.

!!!!!!! I also have a Promo going on for May/June where you can get my 30-Day Kickstart Plan for FREE when you sign up for FREE! (: Thank you!


Business IG: @findyoufit


Height: 5ft 2.5’
Weight: Somewhere around…
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