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fireyourjobandheadsouth: All you really need is patience, and a…


All you really need is patience, and a reason to fight for.  This is only about a 20-25 lb weight loss, but it took me a little over a year to achieve (and maintain) it.  When I started, it was never something I thought of as a permanent change, but rather just a quick fix. I always deep down felt like once I reached my goal weight, everything would be fine and that I would get to stop working so hard and eating so well.  

Well, I did reach my goal weight in August of last year, and guess what happened? I stopped trying.  And I slowly packed the fat back on.  

It’s taken me this long to figure out that it’s a lifestyle change and not just a band-aid solution.  Not only am I slimmer now, but most importantly I FEEL better. Working out makes me happy.  Eating well makes my nails strong, and my hair shiny.  Yoga has kicked my depression in the ass. Running has shown me how strong I am mentally and physically. So find whatever works for you, whatever makes you happy (it doesn’t have to be running 5 miles a day, or becoming a yogi. everyone’s different) and stick with it.  You’ll be better off in the long run 🙂

And I’m not done here.  I’ll be continuing the progress pictures as I get more toned. My body’s loving all this yoga, and changing still every day. Find what your body loves!

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