154lbs // Right Weight // 148lbs Height:…

Left Weight: 154lbs // Right Weight // 148lbs

Height: 5’6 feet
Time between photos: 22 days

How I’m doing it: I completely emptied my fridge of all the unhealthy things, and my cabinets. I tossed and gave away all of the things I shouldn’t be eating and I began CLEAN eating.

Food // Lots of veggies, greens, veggie and banana shakes in the morning with hemp seeds for protein. Lunches are salads with one good piece of meat, Dinners are rice and veggies with meat or a stirfry. Snacks are greek yogurt with berries and chia seeds, or fruits. I’m drinking 10+cups of water a day (My bladder HATES it.)

Exercise // I have been doing the november challenge which I posted on my blog (It’s a mixture of a couple challenges at once, like squats, push ups, sit ups etc) I also did the first 15 days of the 30 day shred. (Still have 1.5 more levels to do!)

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