Left (May 27, 2013): ~190lbs Right (November 25,…

Left (May 27, 2013): ~190lbs

Right (November 25, 2013): 152.8

Height: 5’4

15 years old

it’s been nearly six months and i still can’t believe myself. i can’t believe i’m actually losing weight and becoming healthier. it’s something the younger me used to only dream of, and i’ve finally made it a reality! i never in a million years thought i would look like i do in the picture on the left. when i think about my life six months ago and my life now, i really feel like a completely different person. six months ago, i wasn’t entirely unhappy with my weight, but i had just accepted that i would be fat for the rest of my life. (typing that now makes me cringe.) however, one day i decided to change my habits and lose weight. i’d tried it so many times before, but it always fell though. i’m not sure what was different about this time: maybe it was because i was old enough to really understand what moderation meant, or maybe it was because i finally realized that if i’m going to do this, i’m going to do it 100% for ME, not anybody else. whatever it was, i’m so happy i decided to do it. not only have i gotten stronger physically, but also mentally – six months ago i was super self-conscious with the crippling social anxiety. losing weight has improved my confidence SO much and my anxiety is nearly nonexistent. i’ve realized i’m capable of so much more than i ever thought was possible. i’m incredibly proud of myself for what i’ve accomplished so far, and i know the best is yet to come!


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