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fitzwards: Anyway I know this isn’t something most people care…


Anyway I know this isn’t something most people care about, but it’s important for me so I wanted to post anyway.

I’ve had a pretty fucked-up relationship with food since I was a teenager, and I’ve never really been able to get a handle on it, so I’ve always been a higher weight than I’d prefer to be, and higher than is healthy for my body. In late September this year, I finally felt figured out a way to get a start on handling that, from a healthy and stable mindset – and with support from my wonderful amazing fiancee @slamncram – based in self-love and wanting to do what really is best for me and my health. 

It’s resulted in what. I think. Is a pretty big difference. I know for sure that I feel better, physically and mentally, than I have since I can remember. And I’m pretty fucking proud of myself because for at least ten years this has been a hurdle that I’ve never been able to get over, until now.

What do you think?

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