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forgivemedestiny666: #fbf Tomorrow will be June 21st which is…


#fbf Tomorrow will be June 21st which is the first official day of summer and the day every year I have celebrated the weight I have lost and kept off for over 4 years now. I will be the first to admit that food is an addiction and I am addicted to it! I could lift weights all day but putting down the fork is the hardest thing. I know I have posted this before many times and I’m sure it’s annoying to some but for others it may not be and I hope those people use it as inspiration. Most importantly in my weight loss journey has been the support I have got from not only close friends and family but from people around the world. There is no greater feeling than a random person from across the planet telling you that you inspired them. Recently I have joined a crossfit gym thanks to my beautiful and very supportive girlfriend, Julia who not only motivates me everyday but will pick up some weights and lift right along side me pushing me to stay on track. Couldn’t be happier 😘👫💏💪. I’d also like to thank everyone at CF41S who has pushed me,coached me or helped me get through a workout. I hope this inspired you as I have I been inspired by others in the fitness and music world to show you and other what you can do when you set your mind to a goal.

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