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fuckyeahineedtobefit I’ve been following this tumblr for…


I’ve been following this tumblr for more than I can remember, all of the girls and boys gave me so much inspiration, every time I felt like giving up I just came here to look at some true success stories. And I was hoping to join this wall of fame one day ! Here is my bit….

I’m a 26 years old French girl, I’m 1m73 (last time I checked) or 5ft 8 1/2 inch (according to Google)

SW: 87 kg (maybe more..) 191.80

CW: 71 kg or 156.53

GW: 65 kg or 143.3 … well, be happy and healthy !

I started the 09/09/2013 so exactly 6 months ago, and lost 16 kg (35.27) and still have 6 kg (13.23) to go (before summer kicks in it would be nice…will see!). I couldn’t have done it without the help of my family, especially my step-father who became my live-in coach 24/7 (he’s really hard on me!) but healthy eating and loads of sport (biking in the countryside, swimming and running…bit of weight lifting and tons of abs) are paying off !

I know this is not something temporary but a new lifestyle I’m starting to embrace, but I’m so proud of myself that now I believe I can achieve anything!

If I can help anyone in any way, please let me know ! 




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