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girlbrushedpink3 Losing weight isn’t just about the looks,…


Losing weight isn’t just about the looks, it’s how you feel internally. When I lost weight, I was obviously loving the way I was looking, but I was loving the fact that I was loving myself more. I’m not saying that you should only love yourself if you’re making yourself look better, but you love yourself more because you’re taking care of yourself. You see yourself getting up every morning to do something good for your body and that honestly makes you become closer to yourself.
When I lost the weight, I had a better relationship with myself. Because I actually was showing myself that I cared… think of it this way… when you’re boyfriend/girlfriend shows you how much they care… you fall more and more in love with them, and appreciate them and you want to spend more time with them… well guess what? That goes the same way for yourself. If your partner neglects you, doesn’t treat you very well… you resent them. It’s all the same with yourself!

It’s honestly important for me to run a blog that doesn’t just promote weight loss, I want to promote self love and happiness.. cause in the long run looks fade and it’s important that as a generation we don’t depend on looks to make us happy. The younger you learn this, the happier you’ll be!

I want people to feel the love I have gained for myself for themselves, I never knew how important it was until I started to treat myself better, it was like a rude awakening. When I was overweight and when I didn’t care for my body or for myself for that matter it was all I had ever known… that was that and I didn’t feel like there was much more to love about myself, I was content with what was, even though that meant I wasn’t happy… I lost control over myself and I was in so much denial that I would sacrifice my own happiness if that meant not coming to terms with how badly I was treating my body.

I could honestly go on about this subject because I have learned so much and I could just talk about it all day, but this is me putting my story online to help others realize that you never lost control of yourself, you still have control and once you realize that you can become a happier, healthier version of yourself you take action and take all that control back and use it.

My advice on my blog isn’t coming from a Nutritionist to a person.
It’s not coming from a personal trainer to a person.
It’s coming from a person who went through it first hand with no help from anything to a person.

I struggle with how losing weight has become something so commercial. Products are being sold, there are these teas you see everywhere telling you you can be happy and healthy and have the perfect body if you drink it… it’s all bull shit. You don’t need a easy way, you just need you to want to treat your body well. Workout and eat healthy, yummy foods, be good to yourself, be positive, surround yourself with awesome people and do things you love. THAT’S IT!!! You don’t need body shapers, teas, pills, surgery, YOU can do it on your own and when you do it on your own it’s more rewarding.

I am here for every single one of you, and if you ever feel discouraged never hesitate to contact me, I answer to everyone and take the time you deserve to give the best advice I could possibly give… we’re in this together, lets get you happy and healthy!



Losing weight isn’t just about the looks,…
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