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glow-and-behold submitted:  Hello!  This is my progress shot…

glow-and-behold submitted: 


This is my progress shot but i’m not finished and there’s another 30 pounds to go! 

In 2011 I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) which has made weight loss very difficult but I’ve managed to find a routine which seems to work for me, and slowly but surely, weight is coming off! I started my journey in July 2014 and have lost 24 pounds since then! So happy

Start weight; 194 pounds (13 stone, 12 ibs) Current weight; 170 pounds (12 stone, 2 ibs), I’m 5’7″ and aiming for 130 pounds! 

I’m a lifelong vegetarian and have always eaten healthy home cooked meals. However, since using the MyFitnessPal app, i’m much more conscious of hidden calories e.g.- in nuts. I drink only water and herbal tea (the occasional glass of wine but that is rare haha).I eat a healthy, balanced diet without any processed foods or High-GI foods and I workout 6 sessions a week over 5 days. I do a mix of Zumba, Spin class, Swimming and I am a half hearted jogger (which I intend to improve).

PCOS has made this difficult and it continues to do so, but i’m so determined to lessen my symptoms and give myself the best possible chances of fighting it, how could I possibly stop. 🙂

Stay strong xxx,


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glow-and-behold submitted:  Hello! 
This is my progress shot…
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