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gmarcko submitted:  This is me. I’ve always wanted to do this…

gmarcko submitted: 

 This is me. I’ve always wanted to do this ‘before and after weight loss’ post but never got the guts until now. I never weighted myself because I was afraid of the truth, and always blame someone else because I was that fat (mostly my parents) but never did something to change that. Until 4 years ago, when I decided to go through liposuction, so I save money and went to my surgeon. It was pretty expensive and nothing changed, and by that, I mean that I did gain all that weight back, but I don’t regret my surgery because it gave me confidence, something I never had before. 

But my real journey began 2 years ago. I decided to change my mediocre mentality and began doing exercise, first I start swimming, but I didn’t see changes, but nevermind, I started loving swimming and kept going, after that I started jogging which was a great failure, because I have a knees problem since born, so I started Trx. 

And now I’m so good with myself, i have no more ghosts, i embrace my past and decided to change my future. I didn’t stop eating a thing, I just cut off sodas and pizza. (sometimes I do eat pizza) but not the same amount as before, and also every third day I do 4hrs of exercise mostly swimming. So here’s my recommendation, you must find an exercise partner, someone who coach you and tell you that you can when you start to telling yourself that you can’t! Go ahead! I though I wouldn’t be this way ever, but here I am now. Don’t expect success to happen, make it happen.

—- SEND in your own Before and After weight loss progress photos HERE.

gmarcko submitted:  This is me. I’ve always wanted to do this…
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